“The UK Gold” – The East End Film Festival 2013

Written & Directed by: Mark Donne.

Produced by: Mark Donne & Joe Morris

“The UK Gold” follows the dramatic battle of a vicar from a small parish in the London Borough of Hackney as he goes head to head with an ancient and mighty heavyweight, revealing its central status as the tax-haven nerve centre of the world.

From Zambia to Salisbury; From the Cayman Islands to Clapton, a huge, untold story unfurls which shakes our notions of nationhood and empire; a story seismic enough to shift perceptions of finance and flag forever.

The East End Film Festival 2013’s  ‘Jewel in the Crown’. A documentary all about the horrid subject of tax, or more to the point, corporate tax evasion. We all resent giving that slice of our earnings away to HMRC, but do it we must, and so should those big money spinning corporations. We all know of the existence of  tax haven islands scattered around the world,  mostly in far flung exotic waters. But how much do we really know about how they work, how many companies use them to their advantage, and what the impact on our economy and others around the world actually is?

Recent changes to the Controlled Foreign Companies legislation have paved the way for corporations to avoid paying tax with ease.  The City of London is the hub of all UK tax havens. Trillions of pounds flow back and forth from the city to the various UK tax havens, and then back again.  This activity keeps The City of London on top of the list of world’s finance centres. It also keeps countries such as Zambia on its knees in poverty.

The UK Gold is an eye-opening and educating documentary, which lifts the lid on legal tax evasion in Layman’s terms. Apart from angering UK taxpayers, and the exploited citizens of poorer countries, this film does little more. We hear lots of experts who tell us how wrong our Queen and her government are. We are also told how naughty the big powerful rich companies are. We do not hear any suggestions about how this should or could be corrected. Maybe the point of Mark Donne’s expose is to make us all angry enough to make a stand. But what would we do without Google Search, the sugar in our coffee, and our online market place named Amazon? Can we do anything? Should we riot? (It seems to be in fashion lately).

Watch ‘The UK Gold’, and let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas. We will forward them to Reverend William Taylor and Mark Donne on your behalf.

By Catherine

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