Northern Nights Film Festival 2013 – Open for Submissions

(Information from the NN website).

Northern Nights is an online platform & pop-up festival for film-makers who want to showcase their work and meet new partners for their productions.

Their mission is not only to showcase the cream of the up-and-coming film-making crop, but also to provide the community with opportunities for learning and networking. 

Now Open for Submissions:

On September 4th, the Northern Nights Team will announce up to 10 films that have made the catalogue, which will be featured on our website for the remainder of the year, toured across the UK and abroad, and at numerous pop-up events over the course of the year. Of the remaining submissions, a further maximum of 10 films will be selected via online voting, giving anyone who submitted a film the chance to get their following to support them. Anyone can vote, you just need to register. Voting ends on September 4th.

The festival will run from Wednesday 11th – Saturday 12th September: two days of screenings intertwined with workshops and networking activities, followed by a culmination on the Gala Night on September 14th. The Official Winner of the Northern Nights Festival 2013 will be announced on the night.

Click here for more information.

Click here to register and submit your short film for free

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