‘It’s a Love Thing’

Written and Directed by: Andy Dodd

Produced by: Pheonix Lane and Andy Dodd

Well done to the Mangotree Film team. You have produced something very special.

From the moment the simple bold pop art titles appear on the screen simultaneously with the delicate piano tinkles which are a taster for the entire score, I fell in love too. A diamond of a bitter sweet, innocent love story that began in a primary school classroom during the eighties. Everything about this short is top marks.

As a forces child, who was a similar age in the eighties, and eternally the new kid, I can relate to the genuine authenticity of the storyline setting. I also have experience of working in primary schools, and have to commend the accuracy of Bob Sanderson, who plays the class teacher. His personality was a bit panto in places, but the teaching skills were better than many teachers I have seen. However, the real stars are the children. Every action and behavior was natural and real. The two protagonists, Jessica and Andrew, (Hollie Thoupus and Peter Overal) are amazing. He is a child version of the adult male all grown women wish to find, and she is the cool edgy chick who grown females want to be.

Every factor which makes up ‘Its a Love Thing’, from the sentimental shots of retro 80s toys, technology, spot on fashion, music score, and the slow unfolding of a beautiful story which occurs in spite of background heartache, are the epitome of perfect.

If you come across this film on next year’s festival circuit; whether you are an eighties child, forces brat, or you have ever been in love, are in love, or looking for love, sit back and get lost in its magic.

By Catherine

Its a love thing


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